CFP: Maestría en Ciencias Cognitivas

This degree might be of interest for Spanish-speaking researchers interested in 4E Cognition. Tom Froese is part of the tutors of this program.



One comment

  1. Congratulations for the new semester!

    I just want to comment that unless the group is already full, the June 9th due date for accepting applications is too soon:

    i would like also to kindly suggest to :
    a.- See the possibility to stream some clases or events
    b.- Try to keep with Dr. Tom Froese custom of offering the courses in English. Otherwise the students will be condemned beforehand to become second class researchers-
    c.- Please keep me in your mailing list.
    d.- Have some in line courses.
    e.- Consider the attendance to some classes without being registered for the full Master Program.

    Thanks in advance.

    Eugenio Ledezma


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