Call for Posters and Registration: 4E Cognition and the Landscapes of Mental Disorder (5-6 April 2018, University of Exeter)

4E Cognition and the Landscapes of Mental Disorder
5 – 6 April 2018
University of Exeter

How does the environment impact the dynamics of mental disorder? Whilst dominant biomedical approaches in psychopathology adopt brain-centered approaches to taxonomy, diagnosis, and treatment, emerging “4E” approaches in cognitive science look beyond the brain and portray minds as embodied , embedded , enacted, and extended. According to 4E cognition, minds are shaped by ongoing engagements with their material, social, and symbolic environments. This conference will explore the implications of 4E frameworks for understanding and treating mental disorder.

Questions to be considered include:

● Can a 4E framework be integrated with a biomedical perspective or are they incompatible?

● Might the “wide” framework of 4E cognition help distinguish pathological from non-pathological patterns of interaction?

● In what ways can 4E approaches further illuminate emotional and affective disturbances in psychopathology? Disorders of embodiment? Intersubjectivity? Self-consciousness?

● How is mental health influenced by material aspects of our environment?

● What form should intervention strategies take to address brain-side and environment-side mechanisms of mental disorder?

● How might we construct therapeutic landscapes to improve public mental health?

Invited speakers: Matthew Ratcliffe (Vienna); Elizabeth Pienkos (Hartford); Dorothee Legrand (CNRS); Michelle Maiese (Emmanuel College); Sanneke De Haan (Tilburg); Tasia Scrutton (Leeds); Will Davies (Birmingham); Laura Galbusera (Berlin); Rachel Cooper (Lancaster); Miriam Kyselo (Berlin)

Call for posters: Posters on any of these or related questions are welcome. Please submit an abstract or description (~200 words) on or before 9 February 2018 to . Notifications will be sent the following week.

Registration: The conference is free and open to the public, but space is limited. For registration information, see:


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