Phenomenological Ethnography of Radiology: Enactive and Intersubjective

Talk at the 4E Cognition Group Seminar – March 14, 2-5 pm



The paper is based on research conducted at the actual radiology department in USA. It is concerned with the “radiologist at work”, i.e. the affective and intersubjective ground for her individual diagnostic intentions and personalised strategies of the enaction of diagnostically relevant experiences via imaging technology. The method of research includes “enactive proofs”— observations and analysis of the externalization of a radiologist’s professional memory through the interaction with medical imaging technology and other practitioners in the field. The findings of this research have much to offer to both philosophy and radiological praxis. While the observations strongly support the development of enactive phenomenology, critique of representationalism, primacy of inference in cognition, and shared intentions, they also provide insight into concrete operations in coping with radiology’s paraphernalia, habituality, the origin of mistakes, multilayered communication, and improving professional praxis. Finally, through the prism of phenomenological ethnography, we can raise anew some philosophically and socially crucial questions, such as “How does something new enter into experience and/or praxis?”

Author: Mindaugas Briedis, professor (Philosophy)

Address: Mykolas Romeris University, Institute of Humanities. Ateities g. 20, LT-08303, Vilnius, Lithuania


Phone: +37061497823




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