We are an interdisciplinary group of researchers based at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) from various stages of academia.

Members of 4E Cognition Research Group
Members of our group after a research seminar (September 2016).

Here is the list of students who are currently working with Dr. Froese, as well as other regular group members:

Group coordinator

Postdoctoral fellows

  • Dr. Ximena Gonzalez-Grandón (Institute of Applied Mathematics and Systems Research)

Doctoral candidates

  • Susana Ramírez Vizcaya (Philosophy of Cognitive Sciences)
  • Leonardo Zapata Fonseca (Plan of Combined Studies in Medicine, MD/PhD)

Bachelor’s students

  • Héctor Gómez Escobar (Faculty of Psychology)
  • Guillermo U. Ortiz Garín (Faculty of Psychology)

Associated and visiting researchers

  • Mario A. Zarco Lopez (Independent)
  • Jorge I. Campos Bravo (Faculty of Higher Studies Aragon, UNAM)
  • Dr. Stefano Vincini (Postdoc, Institute of Philosophical Research, UNAM)
  • Martí Medina-Hernández (Faculty of Science, UNAM)
  • Eugenio Ledezma (Center for Complexity Sciences, UNAM)
  • Adriana López Hernández (Faculty of Psychology, UNAM)
  • Laura Rodríguez Benavidez (School of Philosophy and Literature, UNAM)
  • Enrique Soto Astorga (Faculty of Science, UNAM)

Below is a list of past students and group members:

Past students

  • Mario A. Zarco Lopez (Computer Science and Engineering)
  • Jorge I. Campos Bravo (Master in Computer Science and Engineering)
  • Leticia Cruz Bárcenas (Master in Computer Science and Engineering)
  • Dr. Dobromir Dotov (Postdoc, Center for Complexity Sciences)
  • Erick I. Pérez Jimenez (Faculty of Science)
  • Isaac Rodríguez (Faculty of Engineering)

Past visiting researchers

  • Roberto Ulloa (Uni. of Western Ontario)