We are an interdisciplinary group of researchers based at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) from various stages of academia.

Taller Tom Froese (1)
Members of our group after a research seminar (June 2018).

Group coordinators

  • Dr. Melina Gastelum
  • Dr. Jesús M. Siqueiros (Mérida Group)

External affiliate

Postdoctoral fellows

  • Dr. Ximena Gonzalez-Grandón (Institute of Applied Mathematics and Systems Research)

Doctoral candidates

  • Jorge I. Campos Bravo (Computer Science and Engineering)
  • Susana Ramírez Vizcaya (Philosophy of Science Program)
  • Leonardo Zapata Fonseca (Plan of Combined Studies in Medicine, MD/PhD)
  • Laura Mojica López (Metropolitan Autonomous University- Cuajimalpa)

Master’s students

  • Raúl Gonzaléz Cruz (Computer Science and Engineering Program)
  • Georgina Montserrat Reséndiz Benhumea (Computer Science and Engineering Program)
  • Alejandro Ehecatl Morales Huitrón (Computer Science and Engineering Program)
  • Carolina Aragón Cantú (Philosophy of Science Program)

Bachelor’s students

  • Guillermo U. Ortiz Garín (Faculty of Psychology)
  • Alejandro Alberto Aguilera Lara (Faculty of Philosophy and Literature)
  • Ana Lucía Valencia Zambrano (Faculty of Psychology)
  • Itzel Cadena Alvear (Faculty of Psychology)

Visiting researchers and students

  • Alfredo Salcedo Ledesma (Plan of Combined Studies in Medicine, UNAM)
  • Melina Gastelum Vargas (Faculty of Philosophy and Literature, UNAM)
  • Juan Pablo Ahumada Castillo (Philosophy of Cognitve Sciences, UNAM)
  • Jesús Erasmo Batta Quintero (Computer Science and Engineering Postgraduate Program & Center for Complexity Sciences, UNAM)
  • Gabriela Cristina Horcasitas Moreno (Faculty of Psychology, UNAM)
  • Alejandra Martínez Quintero (PhD student, University of the Basque Country)
  • Martí Medina-Hernández (Specialization in Applied Statistics, IIMAS, UNAM)

Graduated students

  • Héctor Gómez Escobar (Bachelor in Psychology)
  • Mario A. Zarco Lopez (Master in Computer Science and Engineering)
  • Jorge I. Campos Bravo (Master in Computer Science and Engineering)
  • Leticia Cruz Bárcenas (Master in Computer Science and Engineering)

Past visiting researchers and students

  • Anika Fiebich (Centre for the Study of Social Action, University of Milan, Italy)
  • Louis Sass (Rutgers University, NJ)
  • José Javier Flores Mares (Faculty of Psychology)
  • Ariel Saenz-Burrola (Plan of Combined Studies in Medicine, UNAM)
  • Adriana López Hernández (Faculty of Psychology, UNAM)
  • Erick I. Pérez Jimenez (Faculty of Science)
  • Isaac Rodríguez (Faculty of Engineering)
  • Enrique Soto Astorga (Faculty of Science, UNAM)
  • Christian Schütz (University of British Colombia, Canada)
  • Stefano Vincini (Postdoc, Institute of Philosophical Research, UNAM)
  • David Castaneda (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia)
  • Eugenio Ledezma (Center for Complexity Sciences, UNAM)
  • Dobromir Dotov (Postdoc, Center for Complexity Sciences)
  • Laura Rodríguez Benavidez (Faculty of Philosophy and Literature, UNAM)
  • Roberto Ulloa (Uni. of Western Ontario, Canada)