Modelling Consciousness: A workshop on formal approaches to the mind-body problem

This workshop brings together researchers from all disciplines who have a deep interest in questions related to the scientific study of consciousness as well as a background in mathematics or physics in order to discuss and develop formal models of the mind-matter relation.

In contrast to typical conferences, the workshop centers on discussions in small groups to bridge the gap between critical thinking and creative brainstorming. Each discussion session is dedicated to a specific topic centered around:

  • Discussing existing models of consciousness, evaluating merits as well as drawbacks on a philosophical and on a technical level
  • Working out possible applications or variations of these models, both concerning theoretical and experimental notions
  • Offering creative space so as to invite ideas and intuitions which are directed at developing new models of consciousness
  • Exploring new ways of thinking about the mind-matter relation more generally

Date: Saturday, March 23 – Saturday, March 30, 2019
Place: Mountain Cabin, Dorfgastein, Austria
Participants: 18
Workshop fee: 350 Euros (includes accommodation, shuttle to the cabin, all meals, and nonalcoholic beverages; financial support for both workshop fee and travel expenses is available**)

Deadline for applications is Sunday, January 13, 2019 AoE. (more…)