Conference: Understanding others through Narrative Practices

Narrative practices matter to how we understand ourselves and others. Clarifying how they do so – how they can help or hinder such understanding and what other factors are involved – is vital in our efforts promote peaceful relations with one another. Bearing this in mind, this workshop explores the following four main themes:

1. How do narrative practices instil knowledge and moral values in ways that a matter to how we understand ourselves and others?
2. How might socio-cultural practices matter and make difference to cognition?
3. How might getting better understanding of embodied and implicit attitudes help in our efforts to overcome differences and divisions between individuals and groups?
4. To what extend do narrative practices enable and limit our capacity to understanding ourselves and others?

Members of the local community will deliver the two opening sessions of the workshop. Other contributions will examine the conference themes from the perspective of academic philosophy, drawing on philosophy of mind and cognition; philosophy of psychology, philosophy of action, epistemology and ethics.

5th of April, 2019 – University of Wollongong, Australia


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